If you always do what you’ve always done,

you continue to get what you’ve always got.


So, as horse riders, what is your New Year’s resolution?

Will you try something new? Trail riding, obstacle courses or riding on the beach, perhaps?

Will you fix a bad habit, either for yourself or your horse?

Maybe just resolve to make new friends and spend more quality time with your horse. After all, horses have a direct correlation on your well being.  

Why not make this year, the year of your horse?  Why not invest in something new and healthy for your horse?  I’m not suggesting a new fuzzy blanket or cool shiny stirrups, but something a bit more behavior related. 

Every time you are with your horse, you are teaching her something.  It could be something positive, like standing while saddling, or it could be something bad, such as pulling you across the aisle.  Take a moment this winter and think of three things you can and will change for you and your horse this year. 

Why three?  Because if you only get to one item, you have still made a difference.  Always think positive.

Whatever your resolution is, be happy and be safe, and remember to step out of your comfort zone, if to only find where that comfort zone is.

Happy New Year!